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stress shopping is a win

Finals week and somehow I ended up on Ebay.

50 orange Hello Kitty buttons… $2 and free shipping?

I can do that.

And my week is brightened.

hello kitty buttons

(have i ever mentioned how impossible it is to take pictures of orange things??)

gocco envy

college shopping and
wisdom teeth in the same week…
my lucky brother.

rainbow tiles

I’ve always wanted a print gocco, because they seemed like such an easy way to make really awesome stuff… but I never realized just how easy it would be. Look at this, and try and convince yourself you don’t need one.

Now I’ve got to track one down… I heard rumors awhile back that they were going to stop making them… no no no…

(edit: 1.5 hours later… a gocco pg-5 has been successfully ebay’d. now i just have to wait for it to ship from japan… so… impatient…)