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narwhals for love day!

nothing says i love you like a tiny narwhal

Why are Narwhals the best gift for your valentine?

1. They don’t die
2. They are awesome
3. They are calorie-free

Order before Saturday, Feb. 9 for Valentine’s Day delivery!
$3 off with coupon code “loveday13”!

teacup narwhals

like teacup pigs, but even smaller and, therefore, even more adorable.

teacup narwhal

where will you take your teacup narwhal?

(tiny gray narwhal in the fluffyland shop)
(order by dec. 17 (that’s Monday!) for Christmas delivery!)

on the shelf: canon ae-1 & vintage kodak guides

canon ae-1 & vintage kodak color handbooks (day 17 of the 30-day photo challenge: on the shelf)

This is the view of one of my favorite shelf displays: my parents’ Canon AE-1 (that I have been borrowing without remorse for a few years now) along with two old Kodak color handbooks.

kodak color handbooks from 1956 and 1963

These handbooks were printed in 1963 and 1956! I found them at a rummage sale and couldn’t pass them up because they’re both beautiful and fascinating. I’ve never developed color film because the process involves many more caustic chemicals than developing black & white film, but I still love poring through these guides.

The Canon AE-1 is my trusted film companion. It’s older than me but it produces lovely pictures, and you can’t beat the click, whirr, and wind of real film. It’s getting ready to go back to school with me for another photography class this semester!

Plus, if you’re a Canon AE-1 fan as well, I’ve just added some more of my AE-1 Gocco prints to my etsy shop

And of course, don’t forget about today’s fabric giveaway! And congratulations to Karin, the winner of yesterday’s fabrics!

This photo is part of oh so lovely’s 30 Day Photo Challenge. Today is Day 17: On the Shelf.