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around the house today…

I suppose you should know by now that self-imposed sewing hiatuses don’t last long around here. Oh well.

My mom brought home a present for the toddler-age daughter of some family friends: a mini playset of kitchen utensils. With pink, red, and green handles on everything, they are absolutely the most adorable play kitchen accessories ever. Then she said, “maybe we could make some potholders!”. Like I could pass that up.

mitred corners with bias tape... a success!

I decided to make them as realistic as possible, even going for bias tape edging. For some reason, I find bias tape intimidating. It’s just one of my “things”… something I think of as extra tricky. And mitred edges? I’ve never quite understood how that goes. Turns out they’re super easy! I’ll be posting a tutorial shortly. (here you go! easy how-to: make mitred corners using bias tape)

I also got to quilt them with my walking foot. I just ordered the walking foot back in September, and it definitely improves my life every time I use it. What a handy tool.

mini polka dot potholders

These are certainly the tiniest potholders in the world: 5 inches square. They’re reversible, each is pink on one side and green on the other.

Breaking my sewing hiatus… well, I broke it for all of the best reasons. Gift-giving, learning, and creating something adorable quickly. The sewing break is meant to be stimulating… so a stimulating project can’t hurt!

Now it’s time to whip up some fudge (and maybe oreo truffles?!) for the neighbors! Giving is fun.

me, in fabric form

Marine by Dan Stiles

Orange whales. Blue whales. Hearts. It’s the most perfectly “me” fabric ever. I can’t wait until it comes out in December. It will also be available in half yards (which i always consider to be the best size) at fabricworm. The best one is even called “Whale Love”… how perfect is that?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you get lots of treats and only a few nice tricks :)

birthday girl

Happy birthday dear Lily

birthday lily and party turtle

…and happy birthday to me!

(lily has been harboring a great deal of envy for party turtle’s party hat)