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a diptych

mocs & pockets, a diptych in black & white, feb. 2013

mocs & pockets, a diptych.

black & white film photography

shot and developed feb. 2013; enlarged and printed apr. 2013





circle breakfast

i also stood on the coffee table today to capture our circle-filled breakfast.

it was delicious.

happy Sunday.

real pictures

i miss taking real pictures, film pictures. pictures that only come to life in absolute darkness, pictures that only appear after chemical interaction. i miss prints that take hours to perfect. i miss watching shadows and hints of figures emerge from the paper as it bathes.

i miss walking around with my dad’s now-vintage ae-1 strapped around my neck. i miss feeling like this.

a scan of one of my negatives

waiting on sunshine

boy on roof - 35mm film, printed on fiber-based paper

I took this picture in late September, the time of year where occasional breezes creep in but even their chilliness is only a foreshadowing of a crisp fall. I miss that sun, the sun that brings not only light but warmth. Today there was plenty of sun, but it was frigid, blindingly white, unfriendly sun. I’m ready for spring.

This picture was taken with a 35mm camera (canon ae-1! vintage and wonderful) and printed on fiber-based paper. I’m hoping to use the negative scanner at the library to scan my negatives into digital prints… as much as I love the darkroom, I can’t print many pictures when they take almost an hour apiece to get good results.

Now it’s back to studying for midterms, with all the lights in my room turned on as a fruitless attempt to make myself some sun.