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shiny new snaps

rainy chain

black speckly drain spouts

rusty antique sign in a window


see saw

see saw 2

a handful of glorious shots from my darling new camera. last weekend i trekked down to farmville, va, to see an old friend who i hadn’t seen in ages. it was a lovely, if very short, trip. on my way out of the quaint little college town i gave my new camera a workout. i’m super pleased.

i can’t get over this whole “depth of field” thing. SO EXCITING.


I can’t bring myself to take pictures for this post because soon, very soon, those pictures will look pretty lame.

Canon Rebel T1i : Digital SLR

This little guy is on its way to my house as we speak. My beautiful Canon Rebel T1i, my first digital SLR. Order tracking says it’s been “in transit for delivery” in my city since 10am this morning… I’m lost trying to figure out how UPS can’t make it from their office to my house in 9 hours. Silly order tracking, hyping me up and getting me all antsy.

I’m so excited!