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pretty things around here

lily, izze bottle, and sewing machine

lily watches me work, izze bottle sits prettily, and sewing machine tempts me from its perch.

coffee custard pie (with hazelnut crust and homemade whipped cream)

coffee custard pie (with hazelnut crust)

coffee custard pie with hazelnut crust. rich, thick, cold, eggy, vanilla-y, coffee-y deliciousness.

free printable calendar from Something's Hiding in Here

cute printable calendar from something’s hiding in here (via amy), colored in a way that makes sense to my perception of days.

mini cupcake maker

mini cupcake maker, a gift to my friend carrie for christmas: an omen that signals a rapid waist size increase for all members of the suite.
(seriously: PERFECT cupcakes every five minutes. you need one…)

food seems to be the theme. food is the anti-homework.


song stuck in my head,
but it’s not a song, it’s you;
eight hours away.

white flowers


some days aren’t meant for
anything but happiness.
soak it in, save it.

it's a small world - disneyland paris