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a new friend

cactus friends

Back to school time, and my little handmade cactus just wasn’t alive enough to make the passing grade. So now she has a new friend, who is desperately in need of a new planting pot.


I’m half packing, half beading, wholly full of Indian food. It’s a good Saturday. And it’s my last Saturday at home! uh oh!

in memoriam of my cactus: a plush cactus

My beautiful pet cactus, Cactus, is now officially a resident of cactus heaven. It was a good cactus, and I loved it as much as anyone has ever loved a cactus, but the Cleveland sun, especially the amount that comes through my window, was just not enough.

Cactus, in better times

Cactus had been looking a bit peckish for awhile, but I kept hope that it was just having a dormant winter. But on Wednesday, its head popped off. Goodbye, Cactus.

My room and my heart are feeling rather empty, so I was compelled to make a memorial version of my beloved Cactus.

Plush Cactus

Much less alive and much more cuddly, the presence of Plush Cactus is slowly healing the prickly hole in my heart.