Category: summer

summer time

time haphazardly
ebbs at times of boredom, but
when asked to slow, floods.

woods with creek reflection

sorry for awhile without much crafting/inspiration.. i’ve been getting back from vacation mode, working, and feeling quite sniffly. tomorrow i’ll post about some really awesome banana peanut butter muffins that i made… with coconut and/or chocolate chips! yeah, i know, awesome. and they’re good for you. WHAT?!


blueberry ice cream
challenge: savoring results
in delicious mess.

rainbow nerds candy

Cincinnati’s Kings Island has awesome blueberry soft serve. Mmmm. But it gets really drippy really fast…


a day without missing you

cheeks sore from smiling,
wind-tangled hair, near sunburn…
visits are the best.

plane’s shadow on the ground landing in dayton, ohio