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woke up this morning,
“man it’s snowing like crazy!”
and went back to sleep.

even more snow. wow.

You might wonder why the majority of the haiku(s?) so far have been snow-related. Well, when you wake up to this out your window… it’s snowing ridiculously again, after snowing nonstop from last saturday until like thursday… and we already got close to a foot of accumulation. More than a foot of snow on the ground? I’m from Virginia. This is certainly multiple-haiku worthy.

Well, I’m off to go cook up some banana pancakes because I don’t really feel like leaving the building today. Lots of homework, a little birthday party, and lots of baking… it’ll be a cozy day.

snowy days

lazy saturday.
i just want to watch the snow,
not do my homework.

happy and cozy

it is a good day.
lots of class, walking in snow,
but now, home and warm.