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colorful tiles in the deutschland UBahn

berlin: yellow and orange ubahn tiles... and umlauts!

It’s a dark gray, rainy day today, and even though I have a pile of projects I’d like to work on, the heaviness of the clouds is weighing me down. Luckily, I have something bright and colorful to combat the gray: pictures of the brightly colored tiles in the Deutschland UBahn. Is there anything better than brightly colored, age-worn subway tiles?

orange ubahn, turquoise escalator, hamburg


vacation time!

summer vacation returning august 28

Even though this whole summer has been a vacation, it looks like it’s time for a vacation from the vacation! I’m visiting all sorts of places in the next few weeks, and I’m planning to take lots of pictures and learn many new things.

See you in August!

lookin’ fresh around here

ta da!

It was time for a change of pace in the layout of this dear crafty blog. I’m loving the gray because it serves as a neutral, supportive backdrop to the plethora of colorful things that end up here! It’s the web version of cloudy days (like today) that make me want to sew and make even more than usual.

So if you’re reading through a feed reader, pop on over and take a look! Let me know what you think.