wiwo wednesday: the messy sewing room

wiwo wednesday - messy sewing room

You’d never believe it from my sewing room tour photos, but this disaster zone was my sewing room last week. What I was Working On was… a little bit of everything. On my cutting table I have a roll of linen for photographing the samanthasnap necklaces; a few graduation narwhals also leftover from a photo shoot; an ironing board for (gasp!) ironing my clothes (who does that?!); and a swirly knit that’s about to become a t-shirt.

Taking up the entirety of my floorspace is a chair I brought home from an estate sale last Sunday, along with the mess that occurred during its dismantling. Thankfully, I had already vacuumed the foam dust + staples – those aren’t allowed to stick around, even on the messiest of sewing room days.

Friday night, after work, I immediately swept through the room, picking up and rearranging and throwing away. I turned on an audiobook and didn’t stop until the room was picture perfect.

wiwo wednesday - clean sewing room

I dusted, I vacuumed… my sewing room is nearly spotless. It’s ready for any possible project, and it’s absolutely ready for the next mess. This is how my creative process works: I’m all mess for a few weeks, then I whirl in with a cleaning frenzy. It’s not a mess unless you can’t clean it up.

Marie started wiwo wednesday: What I’m Working On. I try to join her as often as I can to give you a peek into my creative process and my works-in-progress. Feel free to join in! Comment with what you’re working on, or blog it and leave me a link! See all my wiwo wednesday posts here.

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