vintage pyrex galore

vintage pyrex assortment on my coffee table

I was still knee-deep in fabric laundry from the rummage sale, but Halloween was approaching and I didn’t have any ideas left. So I stopped by my favorite thrift store since it was a Monday – 25% off everything, every Monday – and I had a good feeling.

No luck with Halloween, but that doesn’t mean no luck.

cart full of vintage pyrex

happy birthday to me!

I made my usual rounds, checking the clothes for costume inspiration (none), checking the furniture just in case, checking the fabric because I love to ever challenge my fabric storage capacities. Housewares comes last in my standard counter-clockwise lap of this particular thrift store, but when I went down the first aisle, I knew it would be good. Two vintage Pyrex bowls! They always sell so quickly – and there were two! What a lucky day!

vintage pyrex assortment on my coffee table

Then I turned down the next aisle, and there were shelves full. I probably stared for a second with my mouth agape… and then I realized another lady was looking intently through them. So I did something slightly rude: I started to grab random Pyrex from the shelf and stack them in my cart. I’d sort later, but I wanted to claim as many as I could.

vintage pyrex - americana and gooseberry

My rival and I quickly made amends. She did not call me out on my rudeness (to be fair, a lot of rudeness happens at this particular store). When we both ignored a particularly ugly print, I laughed, “it’s so ugly!” and she replied, “The uglier the better.” I told her about my incredibly ugly Cinderella bowl that’s tan, with brown speckles and brown mushrooms, and how I just love it, and she laughed, “I think I have a trivet of that!” By the end of the shopping trip, I had relinquished half the contents of my hastily gathered cart, and she had volunteered a few pieces that matched the ones I wanted to buy. We had become Pyrex buddies: crazy together.

vintage pyrex - quilt stars

I ended up with a healthy cart full… 12 in all. I couldn’t pass them up. Almost every single one is in perfect condition, and when one is smooth to the touch on the inside and without scuffs on the outside, I simply must give it a good home. Plus, it was two days after my birthday: I had no chance at trying to deny myself a splurge.

I already have a good collection of Pyrex bowls and casseroles. I hate to call it a collection, but I don’t think I can deny it after this trip. I try and keep them in constant rotation in my kitchen: mixing bowls, salad bowls, casserole dishes; and when I have a group of friends over for dinner, I love using an assortment for serving. I try and keep as many as I can from collecting dust – even though the insides are shiny and white, they look even better when loaded with food.

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3 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    wow! what a lucky thrift trip you had!! you don’t have to answer, but I must ask: WHAT IS THIS AMAZING THRIFT STORE???? :D

  2. Sue says:

    Aahh! I work in the shopping center RIGIHT NEXT to Unique. Thing is, whenever I’ve gone there I’ve had zero luck. I’ve never bought anything! I must start going on Mondays/Thursdays…

  3. angela says:

    I like what you have, I have been to lot’s of thrifts shops here in So. Cal I can’t believe the things I find. I have to say my favorite thing so far was a cherry purse of pin up that I seen at sites for about 40.00 and I got mine for $3.00 I was excited I also found a 20.00 in the pocket now that is the first and I will never stop looking for purses or peeking in them:) I love the set you have here I am looking for topper ware but when I find some they are all discolored or sides kind of melted hmmm. Now I am on the lookout for craft items and old recipe books. Good luck in more of your treasure finds. If your here in SO. Cal check out Hidden Treasures or Patteys Closet and more in Burbank, Ca. You’ll be in heaven :)

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