thrifted: giant bags o’ vintage bias tape

pile of colorful vintage bias tape

My creativity has been having a dormant winter. The evenings are too dark for making, so I have unloved piles of fabric all over the house, waiting for me to stop hibernating and start sewing.

When I’m in this mood, I love thrift stores even more than usual. Somehow, they wake me up from my dark, wintery stupor and remind me of all the glorious creative pursuits that await me when the days become longer.

colorful vintage bias tape with pretty labels

Last weekend, Katie and I found a new thrift store and got some high-dollar finds: she left with a Le Creuset fondue pot and a Lauren faux fur vest, and I snagged a 200€ ski jacket for $5. But my favorite part about giant thrift stores like that one are the grab bags that dangle from every shelf. Bags of scarcely-related items grouped together for a buck or two… they might contain treasures and they often contain crafting supplies.

colorful vintage lace trim

Three of the grab bags were filled with packages of bias tapes and trims, and at $2 per bag it was a no-brainer. At least, it should have been… I was trying to be “good” and almost left them at the store because I didn’t “need” them. Can you imagine?

colorful vintage ric rac

They’re all bright colors, and a wonderful variety.

colorful vintage lace trim

bin of colorful vintage bias tape

Now I have a giant box of cheer, just waiting for me to start my spring sewing.

bin of colorful vintage bias tape

When I got home and tore through the bags (always an exciting moment because, even with those perfectly clear bags, you never know if there will be a surprise) I counted the goodies… 74 packages. I’d say that’s a good deal for $6 – even cheaper than the original 10¢ price tag on a few of the oldest ones!

And yes, that bin was empty before the thrifting trip.

bin of colorful vintage bias tape

I hope sharing my grab-bag rainbow helps with your winter gray. Do you have trouble creating when it’s cold and dark?

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  1. Sue says:

    great finds, you lucky girl! Where was this magical thrift store???

    • Samantha says:

      This was a “Value Village”, specifically the one in Adelphi, MD. It was giant. According to the Value Village website there are multiple locations in the DC area. I’ve been to one of the “Unique” thrift stores as well and it was a bit intimidating but still good!

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