transform an old washer/dryer using silhouette vinyl

Do you know this feeling? The brand-new-idea, must-drop-all-200-ongoing-projects, must-do-it-RIGHT-NOW, feeling?

Yeah, Monday was one of those days. I’m sure this comes as no surprise… but I love this feeling.

washer/dryer vinyl transformation: before & after

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Our washer and dryer have been chugging away since we first moved in to our house over 20 years ago. They’re not the latest and greatest, but they get the job done! That being said, they’re not quite as “hip” as they used to be… and that fake wood veneer on top just throws their dated looks over the edge.

On Monday, as I was rinsing out my paintbrushes in the laundry room sink, an idea spun itself into focus. Paintbrushes. Wood veneer. Red paint. Instant transformation.

But I wanted this to be a little surprise for my mom, and surprise painting isn’t the best surprise. Even though the appliances are ancient, what if she or my dad didn’t want them painted? What if the paint didn’t hold up well? And how many coats would it take to get good coverage?

These were good questions, and fortunately they pointed me to option B, the option with all the answers: red Silhouette vinyl.

I measured the panels on the washer and dryer, then cut my vinyl to size. I did not actually use the Silhouette – since these were simple rectangles, I just used my quilting rotary cutter and mat. It cut even better than I had hoped, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t harm the blade at all.

dryer after vinyl transformation

I gave both appliances a good wipe down, removing all the dust and scuffs (go magic eraser!) and making sure the rest of the machine would be worthy of such an upgrade. Then it was time for the peel-and-stick part.

It was finnicky business, to be sure, but the adhesive on this vinyl makes it easy to remove and adjust. I applied it slowly, lining up my bottom edge, and then smoothed it methodically over the top corner, then across the top, and again over the back edge. If bubbles or creases appeared, I was able to easily pull the vinyl up a bit and smooth them out.

washer/dryer after vinyl transformation

I’m really happy with how this turned out… it was an instant gratification project for sure, with barely an hour between the idea’s conception and implementation. Awesome.

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(this vinyl was provided free of charge from silhouette for my personal use, but i have not been compensated for this post and they can never buy my honesty! all opinions expressed are my own.)

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  1. Nothy says:

    Oh I am going to have to do this to my old washer and dryer too. I’ve been unwilling to part with them because why would I shell out $1500 for a new washer and dryer when the old ones work just fine. ANd let’s face it, nothing you buy new today will last for 20 years. But I will pick up some vinyl and give them a new look. Thanks!

  2. Ingrid says:

    I have a Waher likethat, ugly like hell…now, I guess I will this old, but working Monster like the one shown! Thanks for the great Tip!! ***Ingrid

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