custom plush catch-up

This is a fun hodge-podge of “never been blogged” plush. While I love making the standard gray narwhals, I love the challenge of a custom plush request.

The best of these, of course, was the plush dunkleosteus (armored fish) that I made for a friend at school last Christmas. But the best part? After I blogged it, someone else found the blog entry and wanted one for his wife, who “has a soft spot in her heart for The Armored Fish of the Devonian”.

So I’ve made not one, but two Dunkleosteus. The internet is amazing… and hilarious.

This past Christmas, my friend Ethan asked if I’d make a pumpkin for his girlfriend. I gladly obliged, since I love orange. I think she turned out pretty adorable with her tiny purple bow.

a pumpkin custom plush

a pumpkin custom plush: with a bow!

Then I was asked to stitch up an incredibly bright custom narwhal: hot pink with a kelly green belly. I was almost skeptical, but I loved it in the end. The bright colors look so great with the gray striped tusks!

custom hot pink narwhal plush

custom narwhal plush with a green belly!

And going way back into the past… I never posted Zoe’s GIANT velour whale. He was huge, and squishy, and the velour is just so soft.

giant velour whale

zoe loved her velour whale

And it was so loved. Still can’t get enough of that adorable grin. That’s why I sew.

I suppose I haven’t wandered far at all from the whale realm, but I’m itching to try some different animals. Elephants? Wiener dogs? I think I need a sewing day!

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3 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    That little pumpkin is so sweet! Love her purple bow!

    You should try making a gnome and pretend it’s an animal. ;) I’d totally buy one!

  2. Joshua says:

    And zoe still loves that whale. She named it Arthur, lol.

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