spring project planning

It may just be the first weekend of February, but I’m ready for spring to be here. It’s an incredibly bright winter day, and the sunshine has me dreaming up all sorts of furniture DIY plans. I’ve been anxiously waiting for warm days since the end of December, when I decided that my desk must be turquoise… but alas, there are still weeks to go before I’ll be able to spend hours sanding and painting in my garage.

stella the chair: refinish and reupholster

yellow chairs & turquoise wallsThe one that’s been floating around in my brain the most lately is Stella the chair. Stella was found in a dumpster behind some campus academic buildings… she’s missing a reinforcement peg that holds two of the legs together, but otherwise she did not deserve dumpster treatment. My boyfriend and I were on a photography adventure when we found her, so we rescued her and now she lives in my room. After a quick wipedown she was ready to be a great set-your-stuff-on-me chair.

It’s taken me a year of brainstorming to finally figure out a plan, but I think it was worth the wait. After picking up this yellow stripe upholstery fabric on IKEA clearance, and finding these delightful yellow & wood chairs on pinterest, I’m all set. I’m planning on sanding what’s left of the current finish, then restaining with a slightly darker shade of brown. After that, I’ll recover the backrest with the small stripes, and make a seat cushion with the larger stripes. Could those stripes be any more perfectly suited to Stella’s loveliness?

seahorse desk: to be repainted turquoise

Then there’s my desk. These green seahorse knobs are one of my favorite finds: anthropologie super clearance and they had exactly seven, just for my desk. But the pale pink just doesn’t do them justice.

After I got my paint and primer, Elise painted her dresser a similar shade of brilliant blue. After seeing how gorgeous her project turned out, I’m very excited to get going on mine. Now all I need is an orbital sander…

brass headboard: to be spraypainted white

And lastly (at least, for now), I want to spraypaint my headboard white so it matches my lovely new hemnes dresser.

Now it’s time to dream and wait for the garage to get above 40 degrees. It looks like it’ll be awhile.

What do you think? Do you have any warm-weather projects planned?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished projects because they sound awesome. The blue paint is PERFECT for the seahorse knobs!

  2. Anne says:

    I love it! Your whole blog is so inspiring!

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