in my bag: thrifting finds

I could tell you about what’s in my purse, as the prompt probably intends, but you’ve already seen the inside of my purse, and the stuff inside isn’t very interesting. I’d much rather tell you about what was in my bag on the way home from the thrift store today!

vintage turquoise pyrex (day 18 of the 30 day photo challenge: in my bag)

I found a lovely vintage turquoise Pyrex dish! It was marked $10.50, but the nice lady let me have it for $5. The lid has some scuffs around the edges, but the bowl and its design are in perfect shape!

vintage turquoise pyrex: Butterprint 475

The Internet says that this pattern is called “Butterprint” and originated in 1957 (via this pyrex pattern timeline). It’s a model 475 casserole, 2.5 Qt. capacity, part of the Cinderella bowl series. Now I’ve just read that there are 5 sizes available in this pattern & color! Looks like I’m embarking on a quest!

1982 blue typewriter : smith corona, thrifted

And then there’s this guy. A brilliant blue typewriter that looks and types like it’s never been used. At $20, it was much more than I prefer to pay at a thrift store, so I left it there. I walked out, took the Pyrex to my car… then caved and walked back inside for my treasure.

1982 blue typewriter : smith corona, with a message!

I was thrilled to bring it home, plug it in, and (with my mom’s help, because i’ve never used a typewriter!) start typing. All the keys work perfectly, except the comma – and now that I’ve told you, you’ll be able to find me Nancy Drew style when I start typing ransom notes! ;)

The manual, a warranty, and a ribbon re-order form were all in the hard plastic case it came in. The warranty says that this typewriter was purchased on January 22, 1982! As my brother noted, “it’s a modern typewriter!”

I hope to use it for silly notes and possibly even journaling purposes – but for now, it’s probably just going to be the subject of a lot of pretty pictures.

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p.p.s. Congratulations to Casey, the winner of Day 3’s giveaway!
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This photo is part of oh so lovely’s 30 Day Photo Challenge. Today is Day 18: In My Bag.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Ah!!!! Love both your finds. I have a Pyrex mixing bowl with that same pattern, but it’s white with blue print. Now I want a typewriter. ;-)

  2. Aunt Jeanie says:

    OK – that casserole is the coolest thing ever – I found one that is a bowl in a Christmas pattern – it has a wire stand with wooden handles – those retro pyrex things are the best.

  3. Casey says:

    hehe! I love that you did a “thrift store bag” rather than the usual purse post. ;) LOVE the Pyrex dish–I have a mish-mash of various Pyrex pieces I’ve inherited and thrifted. My latest was a sunny yellow mixing bowl I picked up for $1. I’d love to hat a set though… one day!

    Oh, and thanks again for hosting that giveaway–I’m so tickled I won!!! :D

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