a childhood memory: loana’s fateful bath

loana the lion and her fateful bath (day 7 of the 30 day photo challenge: a childhood memory)

This is Loana. She’s a stuffed lion I have had since I was very, very small. I’m sure I got her when I was a baby, but I rediscovered her in the basement when I was 5 or 6 years old, and she’s always been my most cherished stuffed animal. When I was little and thought about what I’d carry out from my house if there was a fire (even though I promised the grownups I’d leave everything behind), I whispered to her that she didn’t have to worry: she’d be the first and only thing I’d rescue. She even comes with me to college, and she lives happily on the windowsill next to my bed.

This picture captures a very distinct memory: Loana’s fateful bath. Since she was my constant playmate, her pale pink fur quickly became dirty. So, at my mother’s insistence, she went for a spin in the washer along with some towels, and after a brief drying she was good as new. Good as new except, as I quickly discovered, lacking her usual squeak. For Loana had been born with a squeaker in her belly, but post-bath the squeaker made a lackluster “click-click” rather than its former lively “eeh-ooh”. My young self was very disappointed, but Loana seemed okay with it. After all, she smelled nice again.

I am jumping into oh so lovely’s 30 Day Photo Challenge… a few days late, but no harm done! Today is Day 6: A Childhood Memory.

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