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This morning, I got out of bed at an hour that is never witnessed by most college students on Saturdays. As I got ready, the wind whipped outside my window, the rain made lovely plinking sounds, and the entire dormitory village was hushed and still. I love mornings, I love being awake before everyone else. Mornings are my time to savor.

I ventured out into the blissfully gray morning for this: Cleveland’s West Side Market. I had been once a few weeks ago, and I had to return just to make sure it was as exciting as I had thought the first time. Last time, I went with friends; today, it was just me and my camera.

rainy streets outside the market stalls

It was a very rainy day for the market. And, since today is Saturday, it was packed full of people. But somehow, I didn’t mind. Unlike the panicked feeling that a crowded grocery store provides, this crowd was exuding a healthy sense of pace. Not in a hurry, necessarily, just following a loose agenda. It was a comforting bustling.

rainy streets outside the market stalls

I walked my way through the produce and into the main building, the bigger portion of the market that I had not yet explored. Cases upon cases of meat, beans, cheese, coffee, and bakery goods greeted me, along with another throng of people. I snapped away with my camera, pausing whenever there was a gap in the crowd and taking in as much as I possibly could through both my eyes and my viewfinder.


When I was visually satisfied, I started back over at the beginning and began collecting bags and bags of fruits and vegetables.


I bought some super ripe, locally grown peaches. I love peaches, but until this summer I had never realized how much better they can be when they don’t have to travel. These were so juicy and delicious… and of course, affordable.


I love this place.

pastry rollups

And what trip to the market is complete without mouthwatering pictures of pastries?

pastry rollups

The ones on the left there are filled with poppy seeds. I found it intriguing, but it seems like poppy seed overkill to me.

assorted danishes

And three of those cheese & fruit danishes in the top left had to come home with me. Two blueberry, for me and Brad, and a raspberry for Hannah.

west side market clocktower through a rainy windshield

I continued to take pictures through my rain-spattered windshield at the last few traffic lights.

traffic light under the bridge

I couldn’t help it, I just love the rain.

I also love fresh fruits and vegetables. My load for this week cost less than twenty dollars, and I’m set for awhile… red and orange peppers, avocados, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, a tomato, cilantro, sweet onions, grapefruits, peaches, a mango, and a plum. It was an excellent adventure, and a beautiful start to my day.

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  1. Mumsy says:

    Wow, what a fun morning !! Your pictures are terrific, the rain and clouds added to their beauty. Love you so much. :)

  2. Sarah says:

    I love going to the Westside Market whenever I’m in the area visiting my family. I’ve always loved the rain too!

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