happenings: a photo cache

in the last two weeks:

broken street and caution tape (post water main break)
surveyed damage from the water main break around the corner

pedro the magnificent - painting in the sun
savored the sunshine and began a painting of Pedro the Magnificent, taking advantage of the rare window light

pink boots and white snow
frolicked in the snow, including some tobogganing

winter and its wisdom
spent time reflecting on the beauty of winter and the value of silence on a newman club retreat

·   ·   ·

And Ash Wednesday yesterday marked the start of Lent: a season of repentance and renewal, a season to break bad habits and form new, good ones. For my Lenten promise I am giving up facebook, and since that will add lots of small pieces of time in my day, I am trying to be more available to people around me who may need little pieces of help. I figure there are so many little things that I think I’m too busy for… yet I have time to check my facebook once every hour for five minutes at a time? Time to switch up my priorities.

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