adventurous whales

I just realized that, for the last week, I’ve had a picture of me with a mustache as the top entry. oops! Let’s slide that one down a bit…

And now I can tell you all about what the little vinyl circles, and the blue polar fleece “mustache”, and the surprises were all about! I was asked to send along a few pieces to be part of a gallery show, “Get Stuffed“, at SPACES gallery in downtown Cleveland!

Of course, I sent over a Narwhal. But I wanted to take this opportunity to make something really awesome and unique… so I came up with some Adventurous Whales.

Adventurous Whales – Friendly Seas
friendly seas - the submarine whale

friendly seas - the submarine whale

friendly seas - the submarine whale

Adventurous Whales – Friendly Skies
friendly skies - the airplane whale

friendly skies - the airplane whale

friendly skies - the airplane whale

They’re both made from polar fleece for the main body, with vinyl and pleather accents and appliques. They each have pleather bellies. I couldn’t have done this without my trusty teflon foot… sewing all that vinyl is tricky! It’s especially hard to work with since it manages to be both slippery and sticky, plus once you’ve poked a hole in it you can’t change your mind!

I’m very happy with how they turned out, and I’m still brainstorming more “adventurous whales” for the future! With only a week to work on it, I had to stick to two (and even that was a lot!). The gallery opened last night, but I haven’t been over yet to see how they look with all the other plush. It’s definitely good to sew something super unique every once in awhile… something that makes you say, “well, that’s awesome, but i’m never making another one of those!”

p.s. can you find the mustache?

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8 Responses

  1. popsy says:

    WOW! Actually – double WOW! Totally Awesome! These are amazing! -popsy

  2. Moira says:

    Those are just amazing, If you can’t tell I am incredibly taken with your blog.

    I think the submarine whale is my favorite though.

  3. Mumsy says:

    Sam, these are FABULOUS !! I’m sure the
    gallery loved them. :)

  4. Aunt Jeanie says:

    Unbelievable!!! – You are really talented.

  5. Aunt Jeanie says:

    Oh, mustache = whale tail

  6. futuregirl says:

    Love those plushies! The front window on the airplane is genius. :) If you don’t have a teflon foot, you can always just put a piece of tape on a regular sewing foot and it will glide right over the vinyl/pleather:

  7. Joshua says:

    Awesome! So glad they got put in a gallery!

  1. February 1, 2011

    […] stuffed! SPACES art gallery exhibition I’m sure some of you are wondering how the adventurous whales have been doing at their art gallery home! So I’ll let you know… they’re […]

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