day 5: disneyland paris

disneyland paris…
my question: comment dit-on
“magic” en français?

main street, USA (disneyland paris)

sleeping beauty's castle, disneyland paris

the queen of hearts' army of cards (disneyland paris)

phantom manor (disneyland paris version of haunted mansion)

bastille day fireworks, disneyland paris

Since I am a self-proclaimed Disneyland lover (i have recently begun to ponder whether Disneyland can be considered my second religion), and my family both shares and condones this enthusiasm, we had to stop by Euro Disney on our trip.

A bit less than an hour outside Paris itself, Euro Disney was a rather sidelined attraction. It seems clear that most tourists prefer the historic landmarks of Paris to a translated version of an American pastime. We happened to be there on Bastille Day, however, so even though Disneyland Paris is a typically quiet park, it was certainly bustling for our visit.

Since the original Disneyland in Anaheim claims both my heart and my loyalties, this was certainly a step down. The overall park cleanliness was surprisingly low for typical Disney standards; better than your average Six Flags but nowhere near the shine expected from a Disney park. As with the rest of Europe, there were people smoking all over the place. Bleh.

Don’t get me wrong, though – it was a magical day. One unique attraction at this park was Alice’s Labyrinth, a giant hedge maze with Alice characters scattered throughout. I love Alice, and the walk-through maze was something entirely different than anything at the American parks. They also had a spectacular castle, and I was particularly drawn to the Sleeping Beauty tapestries inside. I like tapestries… they’re fabric.

As night fell, we rested our tired feet and saved a spot for viewing the fireworks show. Becasue of Bastille Day, they were launching even more fireworks than usual, and I must say that those were probably the most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen. Just amazing. Tons and tons of sparkle and color and light that never seemed to end, with music that lifts your heart in the way only Disney can manage.

We headed back to our little hotel and slept soundly after a long day of walking and imagination.

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