day 4: notre dame, garment district

exploring, tasting,
trying new things: never lose
thirst for adventure.

row of donuts.. mmmm..

i like lampposts

notre dame

some robe to cover people with if they catch on fire

cute doll in a fabric store in the garment district

Today was my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday mumsy!

We started the day right by eating an astronomical amount of pastries. We then took the metro out to Notre Dame, went inside, and took plenty of pictures inside and out. Andy zipped through all the souvenir shops, searching for the perfect mini eiffel tower.

We hopped back on the metro and stopped at Montmartre. I sent the boys to climb up the hill to see the view and explore the Sacre-Coeur basilica while my mom and I stayed down below and puttered through various fabric shops. There were so many fabric stores, it was amazing. There are three huge ones, five stories each, and then the surrounding streets are littered with little stores selling “coupons” which are basically remnants. Unfortunately for me, these “remnants” were 3 meters apiece and that is still way more fabric than I ever use. But I did manage to find a few things, and I enjoy digging through fabric.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris’ garment district, here are a few resources I used:
· Fabric Stores in Montmartre
· Paris Textile Resources and Fabric Stores
· Fabric Shopping in Montmartre

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  1. Thank you Sam! I’ve been living in Paris for about a month, and hadn’t found a fabric store. New York has a pretty easy to find garment district but here i didn’t know where to begin. Of course, I haven’t been to Montmartre yet. I can’t wait to go check out what’s still around. Nice blog, by the way. Keep crafting!

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