what was lost has now been found

button bracelet

You know when you have something that you love, but it mysteriously disappears.. then you think you know where you put it but it still hasn’t shown up.. and you realize after a few months that it’s probably gone forever? Well, that was the story behind this bracelet.

As you can see from the picture, it’s basically the coolest bracelet ever. (well, out of the few that i have made.) I made it last spring, and wore it a few times.. but one day I took it off for P.E. and couldn’t find it after that. I checked my gym locker multiple times and looked everywhere I could think of.. I had no idea where it had gone.

After a year, when we were packing for Disneyland, I decided to use my backpack from last year as my carry-on. As I was loading it up, I realized a few of the pockets hadn’t been emptied, and I found loads of Starburst wrappers, which of course was very exciting. :) Then, once I had pulled them all out, I gasped at the sight of these beautiful little buttons in between the wrappers!!

Honestly, I almost cried. I was way too excited. A miracle? I honestly think so.. how random was it that I decided to use that bag? Either way, I’m just thrilled to have my bracelet back. And the starburst wrappers are nice too. :)

i took this picture last year.. i know, it doesn’t look THAT great but it’s much much better in person :)

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  1. Michelle says:

    I think I remember this! If it’s the one you posted before I still love it. :D

  2. Natalie says:

    Good for you that you found it! It’s awful when you loose your little treasures. I lost my favorite pair of mittens over easter, and since I’d been all over town that day I thought they’d be gone forever. Then I visited my fiancé’s College (where I had also been over easter). I wanted to fill my water bottle so I went to the ladies room, and guess what was lying there on top of the paper towel box… Yup my mittens!!
    Anyway I think it’s a wonderful bracelet, I might make on for myself… I love using everyday item’s for decorating things.
    Take care!

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