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black/white checkered mousie

Continuing with the mousie trend, I am introducing this little girl who was whipped up today. The third fabric to be cut into.. black and white checks. Personally, I think it’s the cutest, and personally, I am glad I have about 2 yards left.

My family and I went up to Ohio for a visit last weekend, seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. It was fun. :) We came home Sunday night, and I started work at Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday. Perfect job much? Let’s just hope I don’t get tired of fabric.. I was rearranging and lugging it around all afternoon/evening/night yesterday. Yes, I worked 10 hours on my first day. Insane.

Somehow, in the midst of this madness, I managed to package up 50 samples for The Sampler and send them off yesterday. I’m still rather worried, because they’re due in Thursday and I mailed them on a Monday and they have to get all the way to California from here on the east coast… but hopefully it will work out.

Also, for the Sampler, and for the future, I designed a business card.
business card

Polka dots, the striped purse.. the look I’m going for is “too cute to throw away”. I printed 80 of them out myself, and since my printer is annoying, it took forever to actually work. But in the end, they were only a bit blurry, and very cute all the while, so I deemed them useable. All the work involved though..

  1. design card
  2. ping printer
  3. restart computer/printer/print server or all of the above at least 10x
  4. print
  5. check it, then print again (repeat multiple times)
  6. cut, slice, and separate cards (takes much longer than expected)
  7. finally breathe.. JUST KIDDING — run off to work

So yes, the business cards are a pain. So I decided I might like to order some, and I checked with the best (and cheapest) business card company I could find. I uploaded my image, which cost an extra $5, then I viewed the preview.. and it looked horrible. According to them, it should be 300 dpi.. mine was 72. I have no way to change it, so I suppose it’s back to the laborious print-it-myself method. I’m kind of irritated about this.. I’m probably going to run out of ink soon and I haven’t even broken 100.

Anyway, the samples turned out beautifully. I made fabric bracelets that tie with a ribbon, and packaged them in cute little baggies. I stapled a blue strip of cardstock on top, on which I printed a whale in the background, then “Fluffy Stuff . fabric bracelets . http://www.fluffyland.com”. Dots mean line breaks.

A picture? sorry.. I had to shove them in a box and run to the car so I wouldn’t be late for work. But Marie at the Sampler will take a picture once she gets them, and I will direct you to it.

Busy? yes. Happy? yes. Sewing? of course. Tired? indeed.

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  1. Michelle says:

    You chose the perfect ears for that mousie. She looks great! I like your business cards, too. Very cute!

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