and it’s just around the corner…

Starburst ornamentsChristmas is coming so quickly, so unexpectedly. Although Thanksgiving feels like it was ages ago, that doesn’t mean it should be nearly Christmas Eve. Every year it comes sooner and sooner… where did the anticipation go?

When I was younger, I remember a time when Christmas was still a week away and I was out of school. I remember asking my mama if I could just go to sleep and wake up on Christmas Day, Rip Van Winkle-style, because I couldn’t stand waiting so long! She probably would have liked that, too, since my brother and I were bouncing around crazily, waiting for Santa to come.

I still have a few presents to buy, a few to make, and I haven’t even started wrapping. So I’m feeling the rush of the holiday season, something I never used to understand. It’s actually kindof sad now, because I wish Christmas wasn’t quite so close… I’m not ready.

But I hope all of you have a safe, blessed, warm, and cozy Christmas and holiday season. I hope the New Year is filled with joy and love, and that every moment is treasured. Make sure to eat lots of cookies and yummy things!

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