Why Buy Handmade?

Handmade Fuels People

When you buy handmade, you are supporting a person and allowing that person to continue to work at what they love. It's a big circle: you support handmade, the maker is fueled by the making, the maker supports someone else who loves what they do. I truly believe that buying handmade, fueling this cycle, makes the world a better place.

You also know where your money is going. When you buy from Fluffyland, you're helping me, Samantha Janis, pay my bills for engineering school. When you buy from a Big Store, who knows what you're paying for - but I'm guessing it's not supporting a high quality of life for those workers.

Handmade is Quality

I take great care through every step of every product I make. When I look over a finished narwhal, I know instantly if it's not perfect - and I fix it. You will get exactly what you wanted, because I am working to give you a perfect (but charmingly unique!) product.

Handmade is a Lesson

When you give your child a handmade plush narwhal, you are teaching them that it is possible to do things yourself. When they understand that their toys were made by a single pair of human hands, rather than a giant whirring factory, they will come to realize the great gifts they, too, possess in their own hands.

It is a lesson, an example, and a great inspiration. Motivation to go out there - because you can make something beautiful, too.

Handmade is Worth It

Buying handmade is certainly more expensive than buying from Big Stores. But you get a more original, higher quality product; you get to support a maker; and you get to inspire the next generation of makers. Keep it going.

Of course, I would love it if you support handmade by buying from Fluffyland - but I mean anywhere. Support the makers whenever and however you can, because the world needs more people who love what they do.

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