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what when why

so very behind,
so many things left to do,
so little “me” time.

trees and fountain


summer brain allows
itself to be roused slowly,
but to no avail.

aluminum shed at frying pan park

First day of class, and I’m worn out. It’s a weird day; sunny and bright but with no hope for freedom. I’ve got three classes worth of homework due every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; I’ve been trying to gauge the difficulty of each class but it’s hard at first glance. Statics, dynamics, and differential equations; as intimidating as each of those sounds, today was excruciatingly boring and my brain feels like it has not been worked yet at all.

It’s a strange transition, when last week was filled with frolicking and adventure and suddenly that has all been quashed by equations and force-body diagrams. I know that soon I will be constantly busy, which worries me; yet at the moment, I have more free time than I know what to do with. I think it’s time to play with my camera and go for a photo walk. Photography class starts Thursday!