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on my mind

COLOR: green. lotsa green around here lately.
green church door

FONT: Stony Island (via this list of vintage fonts)
stony island

PATTERN: stripes, like the tote i’ve been mentally constructing out of this green canvas
green stripe canvas

SHAPE: ampersand, per usual (this awesome one is on etsy)
GIANT ampersand, avaiable on etsy

LETTER: Z, as in, mug full of Zippers
mug full of zippers

NUMBER: 2, the number of hours i must spare tomorrow making grapefruit marmalade!

WORD: cloudy… the sky, my brain, my thoughts at the moment…
clouds & electrical wires

(idea borrowed from elise, originally from ali edwards)

the best ideas, thoughts,
conversations often take
place after midnight.


bright skies

gray skies… or silver.
it all depends on how you
look at things: choose bright.

white flowers on a tree