in my brain

  • no more homework problems now, please?
  • lots of photography “homework”… plenty of shooting and developing in my near future
  • not nearly enough sewing lately, so i’m getting twitchy again
  • need to take more blog pictures
  • therefore need to do more crafty things
  • came up with a cute printable idea for shrinky dinks, somewhere in my free time* i’ll have to do some doodling
  • continuing my tradition of boycotting the “spend money” aspect of valentine’s day in favor of the “be cute” aspect of valentine’s day… construction paper cards are a win.
  • loving cereal lately, it totally trumps dining hall food
  • flannel shirts are cozy
  • cleveland could use some sunshine
  • winter makes me eat nonstop

anyone have similar brain processes?

clear vinyl zipper pouch with fancy machine stitching

*free time nonexistent