berlin map: fabric canvas art

berlin map fabric canvas wall art

Since the day I moved in, my poor white couch has been dying for some color against that white wall. This was obviously not a job my black-and-white photo prints could fix, and I wanted something large, something with character. When I unearthed this gorgeous fabric that I bought in Berlin, a Japanese linen screenprinted with a stylized map of Berlin, I knew it would be the perfect thing to save that wall from its intense whiteness.

paint-speckled canvas frame

I considered buying an artist’s canvas to cover, but in that size they cost more than I like to spend (especially since that fabric was, allegedly, “the most expensive fabric I’ve ever bought”). So I waited, checking the thrift stores for ugly canvases in need of a coverup. Of course, my beloved rummage sale delivered just what I needed: a wooden frame in the perfect size, complete with paint speckles from its former life.

fabric canvas wall art

the size of the frame could not be more perfect.

I doubt I ever would have been able to cut into this fabric, anyway… it’s one of those super-special fabrics that I just love too much to use. Can you relate? Plus, the repeat of this print is huge… in my 1-yard cut I barely have a repeat.

Assembly couldn’t have been easier. I just wrapped the fabric squarely around the sides, pulling tight but not too tight, and used my not-so-trusty staple gun to tack it in place. I took extra care around the corners to make sure they stayed neat and square.

berlin map fabric screenprinted japanese linen

Here’s a detail shot, including a few of my favorite things: Foto-Laden, photo store; Tempelhof, the old Berlin airport, now used for open-air festivals, concerts, etc.; and of course Pommes Frites, which would be incomplete without currywurst on the side, and mayonnaise on top!

It was a simple project that’s become a wonderful statement piece in my apartment. This space gets more colorful by the day.