diy duvet cover

diy duvet cover: so cozy

Recently, I converted to the European style of bed covering: a fitted sheet, but no top sheet, just a duvet with a duvet cover. There’s nothing cozier than rolling up in a fluffy comforter while you sleep. I sleep like a caterpillar in a cocoon, and it’s the happiest sleep in the world.

diy duvet cover: sewing away

For my new apartment and new bed, I made my own duvet cover. Two thrifted, mint-condition flat sheets: print on the front, white on the back. Both sheets are incredibly soft, which is crucial. I used king-size sheets for my full-size duvet. I utilized the sheets’ big hem for my button placket, and I only had to trim one edge: the rest I left in their hemmed state. After stitching all the buttons and button holes, the assembly was just a lot of long, straight edges. My Adler breezed through the fabric – its weight makes it ideal for pulling heavy projects like this one.

It’s incredibly warm and comfortable, yet the floral print looks like a spring breeze. When I’m going to bed at 9 every night, it’s nice to be able to look forward to the coziness of such a soft blanket rather than dreading the early bedtime.

The verdict: sew your own duvet cover! It’s a large project, but a super simple one. And it will keep you happy and warm forever.