laser cut dressform pendants: new on etsy!

lasercut dressform pendants at samanthasnap

These have been in the works for awhile, but I’m so excited to share my new dressform pendants with you!

After creating my laser-cut camera necklaces, I was hooked on the idea of laser-cut jewelry. I’m pretty sure I dreamed about wooden dressform pendants for weeks at school before I managed to find the time & patience to sketch it out. The dressform is a classic symbol of creativity and design, and I love it in wooden form.

They’re available in four patterns: textile woven, chevron, skinny chevron, and polka dot; with choice of antiqued copper or antiqued silver chain.

I hope you love these as much as I do! Use coupon code “NEWDRESS” for 15% off your order, now through Oct. 31!