treasures from the portland flea-for-all

door of the portland flea-for-all

While in Portland, I had to make a stop at the Portland Flea for All, a store filled with antique and vintage treasures.

bikes in the interior of the portland flea-for-all

The bottom floor is split into small spaces, each housing an independent vendor of wares both vintage and handmade. One woman in the corner had a large assortment of vintage bowling accessories and ephemera, what a fun thing to collect!

They had some beautiful old bikes, although I wouldn’t trust their mechanical condition. The vendors clearly took their curating seriously, and the prices were fair.

The second and third floors held all sorts of wonderful old furniture. Obviously furniture shopping was not the focus of my trip, but there were some goodies. Complete 4-seat dining sets, gossip benches, dressers, and cabinets – plenty of charming choices for those looking for a “not-Ikea” home.

incredible knit fabric: old londontown

My treasures were on the smaller and lighter side: first this fabric, a yard-and-a-half of knit with the best print, in the best colors. When I showed it to Brad he declared, “Old Londontown!”, so when this shirt is made it will most definitely be called my Old Londontown Shirt. It’s a large print but it will be fun to wear.

little monkey friends fabric

I also couldn’t pass up this pink cotton with jungle friends – the monkey is so happy! The price was good on this one, too: almost 3 yards for $4! Can’t beat that.

Both of these fabrics were from a vendor who had quite the assortment of vintage fabrics, and I’m guessing she was a seamstress as well because she stocked some handmade pillows and small plush.

vintage maine harbor wallpaper

And the Pièce de résistance was this nautical/harbor-themed old wallpaper (click for larger image). The colors are wonderful. The aged paper is dry and slightly brittle, so I have to be careful with it, but I can’t wait to put it to good use. I may simply frame some sections, but it would also be fun to try and use it in a small space somewhere (like the lower half of a bar – I have 2 21×42″ pieces). It will be a nice reminder of my summer spent in New England.

If you’re in Portland (Maine, that is!), I would absolutely recommend stopping by the Flea for All, especially if you’re in the market for furniture, but also if you’re like me and love browsing through old things.

Now I’ve got to clean out my sewing room and start stitching up “Old Londontown”!