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button cookies

does it get any cuter than this?

shortbread button cookies - click for tutorial

click the image to visit the blog entry and see the photo tutorial. so simple and cute!

coconut chocolate cheesecake

choppy waves at sea,
grab hold of the mast, don’t let
yourself overboard!

coconut chocolate cheesecake!


coconut chocolate cheesecake!Some cute boy and I decided it was necessary to make a cheesecake! Of course we couldn’t make an average cheesecake… we had to experiment! And I impulsively add coconut to everything I bake. So coconut chocolate it was.

After reading somewhere online that people have made crusts solely out of coconut and butter, I substituted half of the graham cracker crumbs of my recipe for coconut flakes. That was a good choice. Totally successful. I’m pretty sure I could use this crust for pretty much anything… or just eat it plain. (which i did, since i had extra.)

We used my dad’s super awesome cheesecake recipe for the basics, then split it in half for the layers. One half was the chocolate layer, and we mixed that up and stuck it in the fridge to firm up before adding the top layer. The top layer had extra vanilla and some – just enough – coconut. Then we topped it with a thin chocolate ganache and let it chill.

coconut chocolate cheesecake! Then it was eating time! We topped it with homemade whipped cream, since there was whipping cream left over from the ganache, and toasted coconut. (a tip: toasting coconut is definitely easiest to do in a frying pan, not in the oven!) And I took terrible pictures, since I just wanted to eat the stuff. Can you blame me?

And I feel super awesome, because how many college kids do you know who can bake successful cheesecakes in their dorm kitchens? Not many. And I’d say it’s a very worthwhile and completely awesome use of time and procrastinatory skills.

best-ever day

Please note the very large difference between the phrases “best-ever day” and “best day ever”. This is by no means the best day ever, but I have named today best-ever day because of two accomplishments.

Primarily, the completion of The Softest Shirt Ever. While I was not able to experience its softness for an extended period of time today (it’s longsleeved), it is indeed a winner. Light turquoise/aqua gauzy rib knit… it’s a sweater-looking scoopneck and I’m slightly in love.

The Best Blackberry Crisp Ever

Secondly, the skillful execution of The Best Blackberry Crisp Ever. Ever, ever, ever. I used this Triple Berry Crisp recipe, but used all blackberries (because we’ve got a few), but this oaty-buttery crumble could be used with any fruit possible. Peaches, add some cinnamon for apples, I’m just nibbling away at this goodness. And it was super easy!

I’ve only taken a sample bite so far, a sample bite that has been growing every time I walk by, but this stuff is good.

sorry, i would write
a haiku, but it’s rude to
talk with your mouth full.


… and don’t forget about the super awesome sale!