Category: summer

this is the countdown

counting down, pausing,
looking forward, looking back.
remember, forget.

clementine & hiding heart

It would be quite convenient if I remembered to take pictures of things before it got really dark out. But alas, I did not manage such a task. I did not participate in many overly photogenic activities: today’s agenda mostly involved making messes.

fuchsia jumper tee pattern

I made a pile of clothes and hangers and kitchen supplies and lamp and rug and coffee maker, all ready to store at my Grandma’s house when we go up tomorrow… they’ll stay there until I move back into my dorm (two weeks!). I went to the dentist, which is always a blast… that was almost entirely sarcasm, except my dentist is the sister of one of my closest friends, so she makes it more entertaining than usual. I stitched away on a few shirts I’m working on. And I taught my last sewing lesson of the summer: pajama pants! And one of the ribbon headbands. Teaching these lessons was a really rewarding experience for me and I really enjoyed myself. :)

contrasts of summer

hot, lazy, bright, good,
bored, content, anxious, rested,
sleepy, happy, whole.


life just feels extra good today.

and the summer that i thought would never end? it’s getting there, and i am happy, but feeling a bit nostalgic all the same.

ooh, aah…

burst, boom! pop, sparkle,
light falls as rain from the sky.
we all ooh and aah.

pre-4th fireworks

Last night we caught some pre-4th fireworks (as Andy called them, “fake fireworks”), and I brought my tripod along. This is probably quite obvious to most people, but the tripod made a huge difference in the quality and clarity of my firework photos.

Since last night was more of a practice run, today I flipped through Google to find the best tips for taking pictures of fireworks… and I know it’s late, but I thought I’d compile a quick list of the most useful:

· How to Photograph Firework Displays
· Get Better Fireworks Photos This Fourth of July
· 11 Tips for Sparkling Fireworks Photos

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!