Category: college


forget the results;
you win just for surviving.
making it is tough.

flower gate


defeating the realm
of possible outcomes leads
to nice surprises.


My first math test this semester went miserably… so miserably, in fact, that despite my decent grades on the two subsequent tests, even a perfect score on the final wouldn’t get me an A in the class. But I still studied like crazy, trying to prove that my brain held an A’s worth of material… and it was successful! :)

Plus, the fact that there were three Narwhal orders yesterday (!!!) makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

I’ll be putting up a real notice later but here’s a warning: all Christmas orders must be placed before midnight on Tuesday, December 15 before shop closes for the holidays!


clouds of frustration
slowly part, revealing rays
of hard-earned knowledge.

virginia kendall field