wiwo wednesday: around the house

I’m joining Marie for wiwo wednesday (What I’m Working On). I always love to see what my favorite crafters are up to, and in-progress shots often tell an even better story than the finished product.

Winding down from the holidays, for me, means spending some time on my own and working on the just-for-fun projects that got put off in favor of gifts, cookies, or decorating. January and February aren’t my favorite months creatively since they’re so dark, but the cold does keep me inside, and inside is where the crafts are. So I’ve had a few little projects going.

wiwo: copycat t-shirt in progress

I’m working on a copy of a favorite t-shirt of mine. The stripes were printed, not woven in, so they faded quickly. But I love the silhouette of this tee, with its wide neckline and roll-up 3/4 sleeves, so I’m hoping I can recreate it at least seven times so I can wear it every day. (haha)

wiwo: copycat t-shirt in progress

This gray is looking to be a questionable color choice, but it will serve as a muslin more than anything. I’m hoping the fit will be perfect from the start, since I loved the fit of the original shirt.

wiwo: sewing blackout curtains

I’m working on new curtains for my bedroom: my first time sewing with blackout curtain fabric. Here’s a hint: teflon foot required! The wrong side of that stuff will stick to everything! It’s also very heavy, so if you’re looking to get a workout out of your sewing project, this is the stuff.

wiwo: sewing blackout curtains

I’m thrilled to see that these are a huge improvement over the white curtains I had made earlier. The white ones didn’t block any light at night, and their texture, while cute up close, had quite the “hospital” feel once they were hanging in my all-white room. The new curtains will be a welcome change.

wiwo: painted kitchen island - an HGTV surprise

And here’s more of a “What I Worked On”… my family has been swept up with HGTV marathons recently (i mean, the entire channel is an endless marathon), so I thought I’d pull an HGTV stunt and paint the kitchen island while they were out for the weekend! It used to be white, so this olive shade is a huge upgrade. It was so fun to do a little surprise: something small that made such a big difference in my parents’ kitchen. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like surprise paint!

What are you working on this Wednesday? Feel free to send me a link in the comments!

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