quilting time

end-of-year wind down:
look back and be thankful, look
forward and prepare.

quilt patches - the pinks and peaches

Still working away on this quilt that I started back in 2007… it’s almost 2010 now, and I’m still piecing together patches for the top. I ran out of half of the fabrics, so I’m having to substitute with similar fabrics, fabrics that I say have a similar “blur value”. It’s a good project for right now, since I’ve got all the materials here and plenty of free time to work on it.

I’m also almost done with haikus! Just a few more to go and I’ll have 365… can’t say it’s been as easy or as quick as I expected, because there were lots of days where I had no idea what to blog about. I am relieved to be close to the finish, but I probably will miss it soon.

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