fluffy clouds

it seems that clouds are
fluffier in virginia
than in ohio.

clouds out by the soccer field

seriously. every day i’m in awe of how amazing and fluffy and swirly the clouds are. maybe cleveland just has lots of tall buildings that distract me from the glories of the sky, but who knows.

got a few sample prints today, they look so, so spiffy. i’m super thrilled. i’ve chosen 8 or so to start out, and they should be available on a per-order basis starting next week. 8x10s or 12x18s. so shiny and bright. :D

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  1. Hi, Sam! Whenever I want a bit of cheer, I close my eyes and go to… wait, cant do it with eyes closed… I click my heels and go to Fluff….. no, wait, wrong state. Virginia, not Kansas….. I click my mouse and I’m in Fluffyland! Where joy and love and pretty things abound.

    I love your site. Mostly the haiku. And the photos.
    which brings me to my ? What kind of prints are your prints? I saw that you have 50 in stock, so did you find a great deal??

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