eyeballs and eyeballs and eyeballs galore!

looking and seeing,
often two entirely
different things. do both.

lots of eyeballs

In Ohio, there’s a chain store called Marc’s. It’s a grocery store, but they also have a “deep discount” section, where they have an assortment of junk that has presumably been for sale in multiple other stores where it has repeatedly failed to get off the shelf. This stuff that nobody has wanted to buy anywhere else ends up at Marc’s, often with a 2- or 3- or 4-for-.99 price tag.

Of course, Marc’s is completely unpredictable and, on occasion, can lead to wonderful treasures for the trained shopper. I’m lucky enough to have a trained shopper in my family: Aunt Jeanie. Aunt Jeanie is a Marc’s connoisseur. After living less than 2 miles away from the store for long enough, she is the best at spotting a great deal on something awesome.

This year’s Something Awesome: plastic safety eyes. 1500 or so, in fact. I was greeted by an enormous bag of them when we arrived at her house Wednesday night, and that enormous bag cost about five dollars. We’re assuming that most Marc’s shoppers wouldn’t recognize bags of safety eyes at a glance, and/or wouldn’t have any interest in buying them in bulk. After reading my Safety Eye Tutorial, Aunt Jeanie recognized the eyes and was able to snatch them all up, greens and reds and blue and yellows and browns. So I get a majorly awesome Marc’s score.

Don’t be surprised if the next creature at Fluffyland has a hundred eyes!

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  1. Erin says:

    Hehe. You could make spiders! Cute spiders.

  2. Kira says:

    GASP! I am so jealous…

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