day 7: resolutionless

a year to figure out what
i am meant to be.

I’ve realized that, for the second year in a row, I don’t have a specific resolution because I have many small goals all the time and think trying to change things drastically just because the calendar looks different is a bit silly. But looking at last year’s new year post, I realize that my one major goal is the same: don’t but any more fabric. Which of course, I totally succeeded at last year…. (not)… but this year I am quite determined. I think. I’m doing better, at least… the confines of the dorm room limit my fabric stash greatly. Plus, when I realized how much fabric I have in the dorm room, and came home to find like 5x as much in the basement… well…

fabric stash

The good news is, I finished all of the presents I needed to make before leaving! They’ve actually been finished since Sunday, and I don’t leave until early Friday morning, so I’m proud of myself for finishing them way early. hehe.

Today’s jobs:
– finish the neckline on my second longsleeve t-shirt of the week (i’m going to miss the serger!)
– hem the brand new pink hollister corduroys I got at the thrift store for $5 (score!)
– start figuring out how to drag all my junk onto a plane
– go out to dinner with the family to celebrate Ben’s first acceptance letter! (he might come to case with me!)
– get ready to go back to school!

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  1. Your blog is wonderful and keep writing. As a college kid who sews I’d love to hear more!

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