best-ever day

Please note the very large difference between the phrases “best-ever day” and “best day ever”. This is by no means the best day ever, but I have named today best-ever day because of two accomplishments.

Primarily, the completion of The Softest Shirt Ever. While I was not able to experience its softness for an extended period of time today (it’s longsleeved), it is indeed a winner. Light turquoise/aqua gauzy rib knit… it’s a sweater-looking scoopneck and I’m slightly in love.

The Best Blackberry Crisp Ever

Secondly, the skillful execution of The Best Blackberry Crisp Ever. Ever, ever, ever. I used this Triple Berry Crisp recipe, but used all blackberries (because we’ve got a few), but this oaty-buttery crumble could be used with any fruit possible. Peaches, add some cinnamon for apples, I’m just nibbling away at this goodness. And it was super easy!

I’ve only taken a sample bite so far, a sample bite that has been growing every time I walk by, but this stuff is good.

sorry, i would write
a haiku, but it’s rude to
talk with your mouth full.


… and don’t forget about the super awesome sale!

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  1. Aunt Stephanie says:

    I want some!

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