frantic, frenzied flurry of fun

colored pencils.

the past month has been crazy busy. i’ve had play rehearsals (we’re doing peter pan, i’m tootles, a lost boy.. it’s fun!), a bit of work here and there, sewing when i’ve had the chance (i made my homecoming dress!), and homework. basically when i get home from school, i don’t have much brain left for anything that requires effort other than school. so i don’t have many fun pictures to share at the moment.

fall is on its way.. technically it’s here, but it’s not cold yet! i can’t decide whether to be happy about that or not; i don’t like the cold, but i do look forward to those perfect blustery, cloudy days where the only things that matter are a cozy hoodie and the crunching leaves beneath your feet. yay.
plus my birthday’s in three weeks exactly! ooh! 18!
and then it’s halloween!
wow. growing up.
a bit scary, isn’t it?

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  1. Casey says:

    First: happy-early-birthday!!! :) And yes, I agree that growing up is scary… heck, I’m four years older than you and its still scary (I’ve hit that “quarter life crisis stage”… lovely ;)! haha

    Peter Pan?! Can I say how utterly jealous I am of you?! Sounds like tons of fun!

    Are you going to share pics of your homecoming dress with us?! I’d love to see it!! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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