and a merry christmas to you, too!

pocket scarfthe best of good christmas-y days include:
♥ baking pecan pies with papa while wearing my favorite handmade apron
♥ shutting myself up in the sewing room with music to finish presents for mumsy and andy
♥ lots of secrets and “no you can’t come in here!”s
♥ warm cozy moccasin-ed feet
♥ happy happy stuff


It’s still not feeling quite like Christmas, but I can’t determine why. There’s still a little bit of magic missing from the atmosphere. :) I guess that’s it.

The house is warm and cozy, though, and everybody’s pretty happy. My whole family is home, and we’re all having fun with random baking, lots of eating, and lots of laughter. We’ll all be having fun together one second, and one or two of us will disappear to wrap, or in my case, finish up presents.

I hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season!

And speaking of Christmas – MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yesterday at work, rather than saying “happy holidays” to everyone, I said Merry Christmas. Yes, I kicked political correctness in the face. But I’m assuming most people are as sick of happy holidays as I am, because their faces all lit up and a few of them even told me how happy they were that I would wish them a merry Christmas rather than happy holidays. I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone, of course, but Christmas is what I’m celebrating and I’m pretty sure all of the people with carts full of red and green fabric are doing the same. So I’m happy to be celebrating the birth of Christ in the midst of the godless materialistic frenzy that has erupted through the years.

pocket scarf

This is one of my experiments: a pocket scarf! Made out of cozy & adorable flannel, it’s plenty warm, and it has pockets at each end! I’ve always wished scarves came with pockets to warm my hands, so now mine does! One pocket is just a regular flap pocket and perfectly hand sized.. but the other one closes with a zipper! I can secretly stash my phone or keys or money in my scarf.. how awesome is that? It makes me really happy.. I love pockets. ;)

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  1. Michelle says:

    That is the coolest scarf ever! Awesome idea, Sam!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Casey says:

    Yay for saying Merry Christmas!! My sister and I were out shopping the other day (yes, last minute stuff! hehe!), and were so happy when people would respond to our wishes of “Merry Christmas”. Its sad that most people are just freaked out about being PC to even say it. :p

    I love your pocket scarf–that is a *great* idea!! I love the zipper idea; great for those time when you want to go out but not lug a purse (or jam pockets full of stuff). :)

    Wishing you and your family and very joyful and merry Christmas!!! :)

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